Hi There! We’re Your New Mortgage Servicer.

We’re really looking forward to working with you. As America’s largest non-bank mortgage servicer, our stability and experience will be your peace of mind. We’re focused on making your mortgage experience less worrisome and more rewarding.

That’s how we’ve been able to help hundreds of thousands of people realize their homeownership dreams since 1994.

We’re honored to have the opportunity to do the same for you.

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What Now?

Loan Terms:  First and foremost, the terms of your loan—including your loan type, rate, and payment due date—are staying the same.

Payments:  Learn more about our payment options.

If you’ve already sent a payment to your previous servicer, we’ll coordinate with them to make sure we get your payment and apply it to your loan. Don’t worry, we will not assess late fees or issue negative credit reports for delays due to the transfer.

Transfer Timeline:  Learn more about the transfer process by selecting the icons below.

Transfer Timeline
Notice of Transfer Letter:
This letter provides you with your Transfer Date as well as other important details about the servicing transfer.
Transfer Date:
You officially become a Nationstar customer.
Register at nationstarmtg.com:
You can now register your account, make online payments, sign up for AutoPay, enroll in paperless statements, update contact information and more.
Welcome Packets Mailed:
You’ll receive your new loan number, Nationtar’s contact information, your paperless communication options and more. If you don’t receive your welcome packet within 15 days after your transfer date, give us a call at 888-480-2432.

Important Dates

The key dates below will be helpful to know when you will be able to access your information online, receive your welcome packet, make your initial payment and more. So be sure to check those out and register your account once it’s available.

If your transfer date is:

1st Of The Month

You can register for a Nationstar online account starting on the 8th. We will mail you a Welcome Packet on the 15th.

Register on 11/7

16th Of The Month

You can register for a Nationstar online account starting on the 22nd. We will mail you a Welcome Packet on the 1st of next month.

Register on 11/22

Other transfer dates

You can register for a Nationstar online account 5 days after your transfer date. We will mail you a Welcome Packet 15 days after your transfer date.

Need your new loan number? Your prior servicer included it in their goodbye letter and we will also be sending it in your official welcome packet from Nationstar.

Additional Information

AutoPay: If your notice of transfer letter states your automatic payment plan is transferring, that’s great news! Your payments will automatically roll over to Nationstar. We’ll work hard to load all of your information into our system as quickly as we can, but it is possible that your first automatic draft with us may be delayed by as much as 10 days. Rest assured there will be no late fees or negative credit reporting as a result of this one time delay. Future monthly drafts will return to normal.

If your notice of transfer letter states your automatic payment plan is not transferring, you can easily setup AutoPay with Nationstar once your account information becomes available in our system.

Escrow:  If your loan has an escrow account for taxes and insurance that are due during this transfer, rest assured it will be paid on time.

Year-end Statement:  At the end of the year, you will receive two year-end tax statements (1098/1099 tax forms):  (1) from your previous servicer for the time period they serviced your loan and (2) from Nationstar for the time period we serviced your loan.

You can find more FAQs here, but please feel free to contact us with any questions about your transfer.